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A Digital Llaw Information Database on DVD containing judgments of the Madras High Court reported in CTC, MWN (Criminal), MWN (Civil), CWC and TN MAC, with "TRUE PRINT" print outs updated quarterly through DVDs - Search by word, pharase, act & section, by judge etc and an excellent refine search too.

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We are a Legal Journal Publishing House, bringing you quality legal journals, reporting decisions of the Honorable Supreme Court of India, the Honorable High Court of Madras and other High Courts, in all matters.

A modest start in 1995, under the guidance of eminent legal professionals, our first journal, Current Tamil Nadu Cases, was started as a fortnightly - With an initial subscriber base of 400 subscribers, it is now the most sought after journal, now a weekly with a subscriber base of more than 5000.

In 2004, Current Tamil Nadu Acts and Rules, was started as a fortnightly journal, publishing the Statutes of the Government of India, and Government of Tamil Nadu.

In 2002 we took over the publishing of Madras Weekly Notes (Criminal) and again in 2004 we also took over Tamil Nadu Motor Accident Cases.

In 2010 we started two New Journals - Fortnightlies - Madras Weekly Notes (Civil)exclusively covering civil law judgments of Madras High Court and Supreme Court and Current Writ Cases, Exclusively covering writ law judgments of Madras High Court and Supreme Court. We are thankful to the subscribers for the excellent response for these two journals.

The year 2010 also saw the take-over of the monthly journal Tamil Nadu Motor Accident Cases from the previous publisher. This journal extensively covers on All India Basis judgments on Labour Jurispredence and Human Resources. The journal originally started publishing in the year 1972 and is now in the 45th year of Publication. This journal also is approved by The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and Recognised by the Hon'ble High Court of Madras.

A computerised law information database solution, was started in the year 2007, CTC Online as an excellent tool to quickly locate the decisions on any subject of law which contained the Full Text of the judgments of the Madras High Court, as reported in our five journals, CTC, MWN (Civil), MWN (Criminal), CWC and TN MAC. This product has now been upgraded with a new poweful search engine and renamed as CTC Library. This new version of the software, which has been desiged to operate on all Micorsoft Windows Platforms has additional data of the Judgments of the High Court of Madras from 1880 and more than 2200 Central Acts in its database with the unique feature of Original Print of all our printed journals.

To make it easy for all our subscribers who subscribe to our various journals and to bring all the different publishing units all the publications were merged into a single entity as a private limited organisation under the name and style of CTC Publications Pvt. Ltd. in year 2013.

With a vision to provide books and manual on all Law subjects, written in simple language by eminent authors in the field, we started publishing several titles since 2013 and plans are afoot to publish more in the months and years to come.

We are greatly thankful to our subscribers and well-wishers who have been giving us excellent support, by subscribing to our journals, and we earnestly strive to give you the best possible from our end.

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